Exhibition "Dedication"

"Dedication" exhibition of the Pallase painting department at the Betti Alver Museum in Jõgeva, from January 18 to March 15, 2023.
The exhibition "Dedication" at the Betti Alver Museum in Jõgeva showcases paintings by students from the Higher Art School Pallas, created over the past five years. The exhibition is extremely rich, as it features students from all courses in the painting department. Among them are young artists who have already had several solo exhibitions, as well as those for whom this is their first experience of showing their creative work to the public. The curator's mission was to get the artists to reflect on the theme of dedication and the drive that has directed them towards making art. In preparation for the exhibition, they were given only the word "dedication," and through this, extraordinary and captivating paintings were created. The exhibition offers a diverse selection of works from different artists, reflecting the varied nature of the students' creations and their constant desire to experiment. Visitors can see the artists' inner reflections, which incorporate both pain, love, and fantasy. These artists are united by their love for their work and the inspiration that often comes from within them with inexplicable force.

The exhibition features artists such as Daniel Petuhhov, Jüri Runnel, Kristin Erm, Mia Melanie Saar, Helen Lang, Laura Marita Lappalainen, Hedi Kuhi, Kadri Kalve, Mari Frühling, Caroliina Luhamets, Karoliina Tomasson, Maarja Pettai, Angeliina Birgit Liivlaid, Kätriin Säde, Nele Must, and Miina Vilo.

The exhibition's opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday, January 18, at 4 pm.
Mia Melanie Saar x KODAS

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