Lauda Gallery

Lauda Gallery is an art space located in Southern Estonia, founded by the owner Erki and his artist daughter Mia. 

Visitors are welcome to explore Lauda Gallery, a Southern Estonian art gallery founded by host Erki and his artist daughter Mia. The gallery is divided into two main sections: Erki's art collection and Mia's own creations. The collection features both older and newer Estonian paintings and graphics, as well as photographs by young photographer Jürgen Vainola. To visit the gallery, please notify us at least one hour in advance by calling +372 53739579 or emailing

Indulge your love for art by visiting Lauda Gallery through a delightful dining experience at Tammuri Talu restaurant or a curated tour of Lauda Gallery. And, if you find a piece that speaks to you, don't hesitate to bring it home with you as we also offer art for sale.