Mia Melanie Saar, a rising artist from the forests of Otepää. Her paintings are not just beautiful, they are thought-provoking. Mia's mission is to engage viewers and invite them to contemplate what might happen next in the scenes she depicts. Her bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors bring her canvases to life. 

Mia has been making waves on the art scene for almost five years now, with three personal exhibitions under her belt and participation in several group exhibitions and auctions. Her talents have been recognized with a scholarship from Hotel Pallas in 2021. You can also find her street art piece "Lageraiemull" in Tallinn's Telliskivi creative campus. Mia's passion for art extends beyond her own work, as she recently opened Lauda Gallery with her father in Otepää. 

Mia pursued her passion for art by enrolling in Pallas University of Applied Sciences, where she has honed her skills and developed her unique artistic voice. She will be graduating this spring, having made the most of her time there by also participating in exchange semesters at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and Porto University.